MG 2014 in French Lick, Indiana – Thank YouMG2014

MG 2014 is the annual convention of the North American MGB Register which was jointly hosted by the Southern Indiana Region British Car Club and the Illinois Flat Land British Car Club from June 15 to June 19, 2014.

We Really Hope You Enjoyed MG 2014 – Thanks for Making it Great By Attending. All that is left now is a final “Thank You” to everyone that registered and to the majority of you that were able to attended the event. We hope that you had a great time and enjoyed your Drive into a Gilded Past at the wonderful French Lick Resort.MG90

We would also like to thank all the volunteers and supporters that made this event a reality. The trouble with trying to list people in a Thank You is that you invariably manage to miss someone on the list! 😉 So we’d just like to thank everyone that has played a role in making MG 2014 real and supporting it. There has been a tremendous about of work to plan for the event and then execute it and many, many people have played their part(s) brilliantly.

The pictures and the stories from MG 2014 will of course continue. Fortunately we have a great photo album below from Nate Fish who took all these pictures. We will try to add other slides shows shortly. Also check out the event Facebook page using the links in the side bar to the right.

Here’s some more pictures from the event for you to enjoy and remember the event.

We hope that everyone had a safe and fun journey home and much like the Olympics or the World Cup we now turn our attentions to the next event and pass the torch to the MG Car Club of Toronto and MG 2015, the MaGic in Niagara Falls. The good news for NAMGBR and MG enthusiasts is that we don’t have to wait four years!

Safety Fast!

Dave Mullen/Denny Elimon/Ray Graham/Dick Brown
MG 2014 Co-Chairs